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“There is a hidden treasure under the ground and we will take it to you”

Sale of fresh and preserved truffles.

Place your order and receive it in less than 48 hours.

Thanks to the characteristics of the soil and the climate of Sarrión and its region, we produce black truffles of the highest quality.

Daily work. Maximum quality.

From the field to your table in less than 48 hours.

We strive daily to meet the expectations of our customers. a a a. Paying close attention to delivery times is essential to maintaining Black Truffles standards.

Our fresh truffle.

We satisfy your needs with the quality and quantity that you demand at all times.


Round truffles.

Maximum quality and minimum imperfections.

More than 25 grams.

First quality

Less rounded shape.

High quality, some flaws or damages are allowed.

More than 20 grams.

Second quality

They lack a defined shape.

Truffles with small imperfections or pieces of truffle.

More than 20 grams.


10 – 20 grams truffles.

Possibility of making other sizes: 5 – 15 grams, 8 – 20 grams.

Please ask us.

Discover Black Truffles

Our preserved truffle

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Choose your category and quantity, place your order and you will receive it in the next 48 hours in perfect condition.