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How much are the truffles?

The price of truffles may vary with respect to the price of the previous year depending on the production obtained in that campaign. Throughout the season the price may also fluctuate weekly, depending on demand.

When is the truffle season?

The harvesting season for fresh truffles begins in mid-November and ends in late April. Throughout the year we also have preserved truffles..

How do we manage orders?

Send us an email through our website with the quantities and qualities you are interested in. Fresh truffle orders can only be placed during the harvest season. Truffle delivery times range between 24 and 48 hours, depending on whether the destination is national or international.

How do we manage shipments?

Shipments are made by the fastest means of transport. The most used is via air.

Who is responsible for the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are always paid by Black Truffles.

How can you guarantee the quality of the product?

Our product goes through exhaustive quality controls that fully guarantee satisfactory deliveries. These controls are carried out at different stages of production, such as post-extraction prior selection, washing, classification by size and quality, and packing and packaging.

All our logistics are based on tested and perfected protocols over many years of work and experience.

The sum of these two elements allows us to guarantee your complete satisfaction on reception of your order.

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